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Elizabeth Taylor – Forever Young

Elizabeth Taylor was the quintessential hollywood starlet oozing charisma that captivated movie goers the world over. Working across 6 decades, sadly her passing has marked an end of an era as a prominent figure in hollywood history who was as … Continue reading

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Halle Berry Ebony Magazine (March 2011) – Making 40 look like a walk in the park!

Some women they say, get better with age, but what on earth is Halle Berry eating?? Making the average 20 year old want to hit the gym (present company included) and a 30 year old want to run and hide, … Continue reading

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Desert Flower – Waris Dirie

When I was about 13, definitely not any older than 13 but possibly a little younger, I read a book that has probably without my recognising until now age 24, ┬áchanged ┬ámy life. That book was Desert Flower by Waris … Continue reading

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Break Magazine – Origin of the name – GIA

The magazine till the present day has been called quite a few things (Labia, Minora, Gentille) and most of them I was fairly happy with but none of them had that punch or edge. As luck would have it I … Continue reading

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