Desert Flower – Waris Dirie

When I was about 13, definitely not any older than 13 but possibly a little younger, I read a book that has probably without my recognising until now age 24,  changed  my life.

That book was Desert Flower by Waris Dirie she became a hero to me and I became a performance artist.

Desert Flower was a book I accidentally picked up from our school library because I love the font cover, I turned the front page and I couldn’t put it down.

The way I see myself and identified with my womanhood was affirmed by reading Waris Dirie’s haorring tail of FGM. A tabooed subject never explored until she did so of the tortures done onto women in an oppressive and harmful procedure female genital mutation. The name say’s it all really.

To my share delight only yesterday I came across a youtube trailer for the movie Desert Flower and will make it my mission to watch Liya Kebede acting debut with interest.

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My name's The Magazine Maker and I am a fine art graduate. I am embarking on exciting visual exploration through a passion for direct imagery and in particular the aesthetic of fashion photography. I LOVE art, scratch that I LIVE art and visual stay tuned and join me on this exciting and challenging journey, and feel free to tell me your thoughts, I look forward to exchanging with you...;-)
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