African Queen, the seed….

I was getting my niece (Skyla) ready for her bath and I saw her pull her top over her head in that split second I was taken by the shape that the material made on her head, she looked like a mini queen and so the initial ideas for the editorial ”African Queen” started here, I have the photo’s (courtesy of my iPhone) to prove it!

Skyla thought it was hysterically funny that I was making her stand still with her top on her head but she’s use to my crazy outbursts of ‘hold still don’t move, that look’s so cool’…………by now 🙂

I can get inspiration from the smallest things, things that seem to mean nothing to others but yet a seed is planted in my head……..that seed is just the very outline of what can be made possible, then comes the research to elaborate on the full picture……the foundations of my tree have to be unearthed.

About themagazinemaker

My name's The Magazine Maker and I am a fine art graduate. I am embarking on exciting visual exploration through a passion for direct imagery and in particular the aesthetic of fashion photography. I LOVE art, scratch that I LIVE art and visual stay tuned and join me on this exciting and challenging journey, and feel free to tell me your thoughts, I look forward to exchanging with you...;-)
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