African Queen – Initial Sketches

I am currently putting the final touches to an editorial that looks like being the first thing we shoot for the magazine………very exciting stuff!

It’s called African Queen and we’ll be using child models, rarely done in a fashion editorial so I definitely wanted to explore the use of children in fashion and in story telling because they are incredibly personable characters and can have their own voice in fashion and bring something new.

Magazines such as Bambini Vogue and Milk use children and their parents as models in a commercial context, that’s cool but with BREAK Magazine child models are part of that breaking from the mould we have been given in order to explore new image making.subject matter.

The phrase never work with children or animals never phased me 😉

Here are a few image references to wet your appetite…..enjoy!

About themagazinemaker

My name's The Magazine Maker and I am a fine art graduate. I am embarking on exciting visual exploration through a passion for direct imagery and in particular the aesthetic of fashion photography. I LOVE art, scratch that I LIVE art and visual stay tuned and join me on this exciting and challenging journey, and feel free to tell me your thoughts, I look forward to exchanging with you...;-)
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