Break Magazine – Origin of the name – GIA

The magazine till the present day has been called quite a few things (Labia, Minora, Gentille) and most of them I was fairly happy with but none of them had that punch or edge.

As luck would have it I was watching the movie GIA and there is a scene where she’s high (a usual state) for the tragic supermodel, and she BREAKS into her lover Linda’s apartment by smashing the glass with her shoe.

I watched that scene over and over again, each time paying close attention to the noise, the sound, that was made by this breaking and forth came the name BREAK.

GIA’s beauty and her self-destruction is so powerfully portrayed by Angelina Jolie. Her life story is one that I draw inspiration from however sad the ending there is so much to be said for her spirit, her energy, she was captivating.

About themagazinemaker

My name's The Magazine Maker and I am a fine art graduate. I am embarking on exciting visual exploration through a passion for direct imagery and in particular the aesthetic of fashion photography. I LOVE art, scratch that I LIVE art and visual stay tuned and join me on this exciting and challenging journey, and feel free to tell me your thoughts, I look forward to exchanging with you...;-)
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