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African Queen, the seed….

I was getting my niece (Skyla) ready for her bath and I saw her pull her top over her head in that split second I was taken by the shape that the material made on her head, she looked like … Continue reading

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African Queen – Initial Sketches

I am currently putting the final touches to an editorial that looks like being the first thing we shoot for the magazine………very exciting stuff! It’s called African Queen and we’ll be using child models, rarely done in a fashion editorial … Continue reading

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Break Magazine – Origin of the name – GIA

The magazine till the present day has been called quite a few things (Labia, Minora, Gentille) and most of them I was fairly happy with but none of them had that punch or edge. As luck would have it I … Continue reading

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Visual Stimuli

Break Magazine is best explained through…Visual Stimuli A video/photomontage piece I put together through the magic of iMovie and a lot of patience. This video will probably at some point cause someone to shut it down because it’s composed of … Continue reading

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Influential Music Videos Volume 1

Erykah Badu “Didn’t Cha Know” This video is so beautifully shot that it effortlessly transport you to this place in time and to this feeling of working things through. This video is very much about a journey (life) and using … Continue reading

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